session tips


session tips

Tips for your Family Session

November 7, 2019

Family sessions are done about once a year at least! Whether you are taking portraits to update the pictures on the wall, or maybe you are already thinking what’s going to go on your Christmas card, here are some tips to help you prepare! 1. Clothing Make sure that your choices are comfortable, […]


Getting your Newborn’s First Photos

October 7, 2019

Ahhh! The joy of baby’s first pictures or first family pictures. It can be a really great experience, or it can be very stressful. With years of experience, I cannot stress enough these tips for newborns. And while “mother knows best”, if people follow my tips – we’ll make some GREAT pictures. Tip […]


What to Wear?

September 19, 2019

This isn’t a trending posts. This is more of a suggestion posts. Many times I get asked by clients about suggestions of clothing for their photography session. So I thought it was about time for me to write on it! So here are my suggestions for your next photography session. Avoid sleeveless. There are many […]


Senior Portrait Sessions

September 7, 2019

I have so much fun with senior sessions! I love learning about these kids that are now almost adults. They usually walk around with me and I always ask them what’s next. It’s a great conversation starter for a great session as I learn who they are and it makes it more easier […]


Chasing Toddlers and What to Expect

June 7, 2019

Imagine this… At 6 months, your baby is getting portraits and they are all smiles and even have a bottom tooth showing in the portraits. We get some fantastic portraits to where years down the road, they will become your favorite portraits. At their one year, we get a cake smash session in and […]


Preparing for your Maternity Session

March 7, 2019

Oh, the joys of feeling a little one in your tummy! Maternity photos are a great memory to look back on. It’s a last glimpse of life before a child and it’s the time of new beginnings, where everything is about to change. At such an uncomfortable time of your pregnancy, I’m here to […]