Phoenix, AZ Family Photographer

Hey! I'm Kylee Joy!

Okay – well, I am the daughter of Candace. I’ll just go ahead and put that out there as long as you don’t let it change your opinion of me.


With both of my parents being behind the camera (my mom as a photographer and my dad doing commercial video), I guess you could say that I’ve been around the camera all my life.

I'm called the natural.

It wasn’t until I started going on photography shoots with my mom that I realized, “Hey! This is really fun! I kind of want to learn what you do.” So here I am now excited to have some fun with you!


I love kids. I really LOVE kids. Almost every job that I have had in life has been working with kids. I started out babysitting when I was 12 for a neighbor here in Arizona and I’m a former Arizona State Championship Swimmer. And with that, I have had many years of experience teaching swim lessons with little ones too, which I do love. My mom will tell you kids just gravitate to me. I love every bit of it too.

Wanna see some of my stuff?

photo of associate photographer in phoenix arizona at papago park
photo of associate photographer in phoenix arizona at papago park
photographer in phoenix az jumping in the air

client testimonial about Kylee

Professional & Knowledgeable


We had a really fun time during our photoshoot. Kylee was very professional and knowledgeable on how to pose us for the best outcome. We enjoyed having her take our pictures. Highly recommend Memories by Candace. The picture quality came out very well. Look forward to coming back.

Jessica Ramirez