Backyard Wedding - Surprise, AZ

Rob + Denise

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This couple wanted simplicity and intimate. So nothing more than a backyard wedding in Surprise, AZ.


For their big day, they didn’t hire me to come in and take those detail photos of everything – it was just a small ceremony with their family.


But I have to admit when a small wedding ceremony held in the backyard with just their family members is planned around golden hour – I was impressed.


This couple knew that the photos they will really want to hang as art in their home would be best at golden hour. The DJ even knew golden hour was their moment. Everything was planned around golden hour photos with just the two of them. And right around the corner from their backyard was the beautiful view of the White Tank Mountains behind them.


Yes, we got the golden hour and we got the intimate moments. This couple silently just professed their love to each other in the desert. They were so in-love and I really felt like I was just capturing their moments of being together behind the lens while in the desert. I told them to dance and kiss, and everything just came so easy.

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