Photo of bride and groom kissing under the veil

4 Benefits of Hiring Photo + Video

So what’s the benefit of hiring video and photo for your wedding day experience?

  • Ease of booking and communication – sometimes with weddings, I’ll find things being missed after the bride and groom forgot they told a vendor one thing but forgot to communicate it to another vendor. (Seriously, this has happened before where a groom talked to the DJ and then forgot to schedule his family photos in the timeline and we had to do a ton of adjusting once they sent me the timeline the DAY before the wedding.) So with hiring a team, we are all on the same page and it’s one less vendor to manage. Any communication that is sent to me is also shared with my second photographer and video team so there is no need to track multiple people down to relay the same message. This keeps communication streamlined for relaying info, sending emails, or paying invoices. It’s all about providing a seamless day-of experience.
  • Better pricing – With bundling our services, you get better pricing than going individually from one vendor to the next. It’s really just that simple.
  • Having a team that has already worked together equals everything flowing better – As a team, we already know how to communicate and work together efficiently. You will see us dancing around each other, making sure we aren’t in the way of the other. It’s a dance we perfect together the more we work together. Of course, we are friendly and respectful for everyone we work with, but it’s nice to know that everyone on our team holds the same standard for the product or service we are providing to you, our clients. We all have the same goal!
  • There is no need for us to create a moment twice! As a video and photography team, we work together to capture your significant wedding moments while getting authentic shots for both video and photo.  I make sure nothing happens without my video guy because we are a team with the same goal in mind in capturing your wedding experience. Often times photographers move on without thinking twice because photos are all they have to worry about. But with us being a team, we want to make sure it’s all captured on photo and video. This makes everything go smoother for you as a couple, so you can just enjoy your day together, and not worry about re-creating a moment so the videographer can capture it.