Estrella Mountain Ranch - Goodyear, AZ

Sometimes rainy days make the best sunsets for sure especially in Estrella Mountain Ranch in Goodyear, AZ. This couple was visiting us here in Arizona and going back home the next day. I had no way to reschedule them. Luckily, this location was full of ramadas, so we made a plan that if it were to be raining – Joceline would photograph under a ramada and they would bring clear umbrellas to our session if need be. We seriously had no time to reschedule for rainy weather. However, things can change at the drop of a hat in our Phoenix area. We ended up with a beautiful, golden sun evening! This couple wanted palm trees and water so we did just that for their maternity photos.


Joceline captured some beautiful photos in Goodyear, AZ in the Estrella Mountain Ranch area. The mom and dad to be were a beautiful in-love couple. Joceline said it was so easy because he just looked at her and so capturing their love was so natural. And now they are about to share it with a baby. It’s so very special!


I hope that these photos will be something for them to share with their little one as they grow. I kind of live through maternity photos, each and every one that we capture. Even if it’s Joceline behind the camera, and I get them to edit, I do live through them. I never had maternity photos of my own with my own children and I look at it as such a big regret now. So I always always encourage it and feel so passionate about it as I don’t have but one photo to look back on of when I had a pregnant belly. This couple made the best, most special choice to have them taken.

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