photo collage of love is all your need Memories by Candace

Heeeeeyyyyyy Fellow Photographers!

Do you struggle to make income from what you love to do? Do you struggle to connect with clients? Or maybe you truly just don’t know how to break in to this industry? If so….hold your horses and keep reading.


Some photographers may ask, “How can you share what you do?” Don’t you worry about competitors? Or people you share with becoming your competition? Listen up friend! 


I’m a big fan of community over competition. And ultimately, a photographer can have a great preset to edit with and a great camera…but if they don’t have major other skills and personality to back it up, then NONE of it matters. I love my clients and LOVE people. It bleeds over to me LOVING other human beings that are trying to become a part of this industry, too. And if I can play a part in helping another photographer succeed, that will make me even happier! If I can be a step along another’s path when they have a successful business 5 years down the road…heck even 2 years down the road – then I am all for it!

Its in training my associates that I realized, I had so much to share!

photo of candace weir, owner and photographer of memories by candaceWhen I started hiring associate photographers under my team, I realized there was a real passion on my end for in-person hands on mentoring with other photographers. I truly loved to watch others grow and succeed and learn doing what we all love!


Team shooting and teaching others how I succeed became a fire inside of me. When hiring associates to my team, not only do they need to have the camera skills, but there is SO much more to it such as client relationships and posing.


I truly realized there are so many photographers that have a passion behind the camera and KNOW they want to be behind the camera, but they are lacking the tools, tricks, and tips of HOW to get it all to come together.

So let's hang out and learn together!