Lake Pleasant

Funny story. This was a mission, client’s words too. We were nearby Peoria, AZ and at Lake Pleasant and my client and I couldn’t find each other. They had chosen a spot along the Lake that was somewhere I hadn’t been before. I was losing daylight in my camera. I was glad I took my brother-in-law with me because there is no way I would have been okay driving to where we ended up. The client’s son didn’t want to cooperate and be in photos.


We were in a very tight space near the water at Lake Pleasant, nearby Peoria, AZ, which was rough for me to get different angles I wanted to get. I did lose daylight – literally I shot up until dark.


On top of that, I did something I never do. I saw a boat. I wanted that boat and I wanted to put my client in that boat. So yes, I went up to the people who owned it and I asked them to borrow the boat since they were getting it out of the water to leave. l’m so glad I did, as you can see in the photos below. Again, nothing that I would normally do if it weren’t for me being determined to get the most beautiful photos at this location.


While everything seemed like chaos…it was all for the mission. And it all seemed like a mess, but l’m sitting here and editing these beautiful maternity photos and realizing what a beautiful mess indeed. It was all worth it.

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