Mentoring for Excellence Program

For Photographers

One Time Session


Try me out and see if we are a good fit together!

Mentor Session with Candace and live clients

Critiques and Reviews from session and images

Building your Portfolio Images

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Up to 2 Month Program - 6 sessions


6 Sessions with Candace and Live Clients

Tailored mentoring to your struggles

Coaching critiques or review of each session

Building of your own personal portfolio

Let's Do This!

Sessions will include live clients that could be anyone from families, seniors, maternity, kids, couples, newborns, etc.


Once we begin our mentee/mentor relationship, you will receive a questionnaire from me on what type of sessions you want to photograph the most in growing yourself as a photographer to try to include these types of sessions for you.


Sometimes as a photographer, you don’t know what your own struggles are until we go through one mentorship session. Once we go through the first session, I’ll be able to gage where you need to improve the most. So it’s okay for you to “not know” what’s up! That’s how we hope to focus on you and your business.

Do you hire more second photographers?

photo of photographer and photographer mentor, Candace WeirThe short answer is yes!


Here’s the great thing about this program. When you complete the program, maybe you aren’t quite ready to run the business side of things – maybe you need more time with editing or marketing yourself.


You can definitely inquire and let Candace know you would love to join her team as a PAID second photographer. You would already be a step ahead in not having to complete associate photographer training!

I'm super uber excited that you are thinking about hanging with me!