photo collage of Memories by Candace owner and Arizona photographer, Candace Weir

Photography Mentorship Program

As of right now, Candace is only offering in-person Mentoring in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

What does a Photography Mentorship Look Like?

Have you ever learned a new job? Or maybe you did a job that you already knew how to do, but you got promoted up and needed to learn it better to advance?


So as a photographer, you should already have the basic skills like being able to photograph in manual and knowing the technical stuff about being behind the camera. But think of it as taking your knowledge to the next level!


It’s really like we get to work together all while improving your skills! Basically, you would be working with me just like I work with training my associate photographers before I send them off on their own to do sessions for me. We work as a team, learn some things about each other, and really have loads of fun!

What's keeping you from growing?

Why did you get into photography in the first place? Before choosing this mentorship, think about what or who you want to photograph. If you aren’t really wanting to focus on people, this program is NOT for you.


Solving issue #1: If you aren’t a full time photographer, the struggles of growing can even be something so small like not having the people in front of the camera to practice on. So with my photography Mentorship in Excellence Program, you get to practice with my real life client sessions right along side me.


Solving issue #2: Now, here is where I am completely different from a lot of other mentors out there in our industry. When you are getting behind the camera with me during our live sessions together, you aren’t just shadowing me. We are doing the session together. You are getting to capture your own photos at times and yes, you can use them and edit them for your own portfolio. Building your portfolio as a photographer is a BIG first step in helping your photography business grow. So why not help you with that during our time together.


Solving issue #3: Sometimes we need another person to be real with us in what we need to fix or work on – whether that comes with certain camera skills, people skills, posing, framing…you name it. That’s growing. Truly! It is! That’s where the mentor and mentee relationship come into place and the biggest part that I hope you take away from our time together.

Are you ready to move forward? To grow you? To grow your photography business?