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phoenix photographer at the white tank mountain desert in Arizona

Meet Joceline.

Associate Photographer

When it came time for me to bring in a second photographer to help and assist, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Joceline.


Joceline and I had previously worked together photographing. I had the pleasure of working alongside and sometimes training Joceline when it came to outdoor family photography years ago for another company. It’s probably why some of our clients can see we have a similar style. Joceline and I have always worked so well together as a team.

When working together, we can literally look at each other and know what needs to happen or be fixed, it is like finishing each other's sentences.

Meet our photography team member, Joceline, associate photographer for Memories by Candace in Phoenix

So after taking time off from the world of photography to start a family, Joceline was ready to get back behind the camera and I grabbed her up! It actually felt like fate that she moved just right down the road from me. I knew it was time.


Hiring an associate photographer can be intimidating as you are sharing your art. So that also means there has to be a level of trust there. I’m so lucky to have Joceline, because she believes in me and my work. When you have someone like that working alongside you, it makes you always strive to be better at what you do.

When it comes to wedding photography, I work confidently because she is beside me and when it comes to families, I know I can trust her with my clients. I know she will take good care of them.

So if you ever get the pleasure of having this girl photograph your family or your wedding, consider it a pleasure. She is a joy to have around and always rooting for the best you. She also encourages me to be the best of myself behind the camera – that’s why we make a great team!


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We are stoked you are checking us out!


We both share something so very much in common and that’s our passion behind the camera. We love the raw, the authentic, and we are here to serve you!


I have NO DOUBT in my mind that you will see that when working with us!


So let’s be friends!

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