Presets for Photographers

As photographers, one of the main things that is taught is the importance of consistency and curation of your portfolio! Things haven’t changed with that. Clients want to see the same style and consistency across your works of art when hiring you. Maintaining a unique, uniform style and color palette across all your work is important. It lets your fans and potential clients know that you’re a professional and know exactly what you’re doing. It also helps clients know what to expect when you deliver if they hire you as a photographer.


And while you may be the most talented, experienced Lightroom or Photoshop guru, editing thousands of photos can be challenging if not mind wrecking. Presets can help with that! Presets can be the magic sorcery crafted by leading photographers of the industry.


So look out! I’ve created some insanely gorgeous images with my presets. My Memories Presets are unique in bringing out the light and color, but also keeping the detail in your images, as well as neutral skin tones. These presets are versatile for every lighting condition outdoors and perfect for every type of portrait photographer, whether it comes to photographing families or weddings. And now I’m sharing them with you!

Get the Goods!