Rocker 7 Farm, Buckeye, AZ

Josh + Kaylee

This bride-to-be LOVES sunflowers. So it was so perfect that Kaylee booked her wedding with me more than a year out so we could plan for her sunflower engagement photos, especially since the sunflowers are only out about 2 weeks of the whole year. Rocker 7 Farm in Buckeye, AZ is so beautiful in the fall with these sunflower fields.


I had never met Kaylee before this, but I felt like I knew her. You see, my daughter and I used to volunteer at a horse sanctuary. That’s where I met Kaylee’s mom, Denise. She was the sweetest and really helped me so much in appreciating beauty of literally scooping horse poop at a sanctuary in a particular time of my own life of not knowing where I was going with my kids getting older. This was before I was a full time photographer. I had my camera many times there taking photos of the horses and delivering them to the sanctuary as more of a hobby then. Denise would share about her daughter with me too. Well, Denise didn’t forget me when her own daughter got engaged. And now, Kaylee’s family owns their own animal sanctuary called Freed Spirits Animal Rescue.


These sunflower engagement photos went on her and Josh’s Save the Date cards and I was so thankful to get one delivered to my own home. I loved that! Your photographer always appreciates wedding invitations that include photos captured. Save the Date photos are normally photographed about 9 months before the wedding. However, they can be photographed with less time. The earlier you plan them though, the better chances are you end up with a photographer to take you to a look and location you really want. That’s just what happened with Kaylee and Josh.


We danced in the sunflower fields and it was just me behind the camera as they were admiring the sunflowers and admiring each other. We did an outfit change. They cuddled some more. I cannot wait for their wedding day in October of 2022!


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