Hey there!

I’m so excited you have this wonderful memory of being in Valley Youth Theatre’s most recent production.


I’ve served Valley Youth Theater in doing their theater photography and other various event photography for years now and as an alumni mom of VYT, I know these moments are special moments to cherish and even look back on for years to come! I truly love the VYT family and here I am still a part of VYT even though my child isn’t acting at the theater anymore. Everything that Bobb Cooper and the theater do for these kids is ah-maz-ing and I truly believe that, which is why I do what I do in capturing the show.


In order for me to continue to do so, I offer the high resolution digital images at a very discounted price for you to hold the magic and the memories as well as help me to continue to block off my own photographer calendar for these productions. This is my way of also giving back to the community.


You will be able to purchase all these images (almost 300 of them) for only $35.  Your high resolution digital images will not be watermarked once downloaded.

Here are instructions: 

  1. Click the button below to purchase and get access.
  2. Enter email
  3. It takes you straight to the purchase album page
  4. Complete purchase
  5. Then you will receive your email of completely high resolution sized images of the show and a link to directly download onto your computer.
  6. After your purchase, you will receive an email to download all the photos. Make sure you do so in a safe place before the gallery expires.