What can we capture during our photography session together?

So often I get questions about what can we capture with our time spent together.


Will a thirty minute session be long enough? That’s the one of the biggest questions I get when someone is about to book.


While certain situations can factor in with how many photos we get during our time together, I always try my best to get a great variety of portraits within your session, whether that’s a 30 minute regular session or a full hour session.


Some factors that may change how much time we spend together are these examples:

  1. Kids not cooperating – this is the biggest reason we may not get as much variety at times. If kids aren’t feeling the “pictures” or if we have to play around more to get smiles, that can play a big part in our time together.
  2. Large group families – it takes a lot longer to pose a large family. Not to mention, I photograph a lot of the group shot because sometimes there is more blinks and talking amongst everyone having fun with our photography session. I absolutely do not take large families in 30 minutes. It’s just not enough time.
  3. Outfit changes – that does take some of our time. The quicker you change, the more photos we get. I usually don’t suggest outfit changes for 30 minute sessions.
  4. Wanting variety of background looks – maybe we choose a space that gives us more background variety, so we may have to walk around a little more to give different looks. So this can add to our time.


All of the above is sometimes why I recommend a full hour of our time together. However, sometimes for younger kids, they can’t last an hour at all. So hopefully this post is going to give you an idea of how you think it will go for your family and can help you decide on how much of my time you need.


I thought I would show you a full album that I delivered to a family of a 30 minute photography session I have photographed. You can see from the album how much variety we got during our time together. It’s absolutely possible to still get this variety with a shorter session. However, if you have one of the factors above, you may want to choose a full hour.