White Tank Mountains, AZ

Pizzillo Family

The White Tank Mountains is never a disappointing place for family photos in AZ. It’s a different location from just anywhere around the Phoenix valley in Arizona. It boasts of huge Saguaros in the mountains and it definitely gives us that Arizona landscape.


Many times, I get requests for families who have just moved here or people who are leaving and want that Arizona landscape to remember, because it is gorgeous for sure. I love photographing families in the evening here and it is definitely my most popular and requested photo location for sure and especially at golden hour.


This family was so picture perfect. I really enjoyed capturing their beauty and the beauty of their girls as well. I’ve gotten the pleasure of photographing them a few times. I never feel like I have to try very hard with this family as they definitely just have that easy photographable look. It’s okay if you aren’t that family though, that’s part of my job. My job is to help you, to pose you, to give you prompts to achieve different looks for your family photos.

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