3 Reasons to Elope

3 Reasons to Elope

Not that I would take back my own wedding day, because I am so happy that I married my husband. He truly is my best friend and I feel he is the only family I need most times even after 20 years. However, if I would have had my day completely for me – I would have had it at the beach overlooking the ocean. I realized the wedding day seemed like it wasn’t even for me. It felt like it was really about my family and who was invited. If I could go back to myself 20 years ago, I would tell my “people pleaser self” to do what I wanted to do so I had no regrets later. I seriously may have considered these 3 reasons to elope.


In fact, my own wedding has taught me not to live through my own kids’ wedding day. When my daughters decide to get married, while I want to very much be a part of it, it’s ultimately their day. Should they chose to elope with no one around, I will support them wholeheartedly and be so happy for them when I do see them. Because ultimately, the day they say their vows to each other is really about the two of them.


Elopements are not looked upon now how they used to be looked at. In fact, elopements are becoming oh so popular and actually a pretty smart thing as far as financial reasons as well. They are well more accepted today than 20 years ago.


So I thought I would put together a list of reasons of why you may choose an elopement.

photo of eloped couple kissing at limo with the mountains in the background
photo of elopement couple leaned up against limo looking into camera
photo of elopement wedding couple with mountains and cactus in background

1.They are less stressful. I think from reading above you probably understand most of this. However, if the thought of coordinating a big wedding day sounds like a nightmare – this is the very top reason of why you may want to choose an elopement. It eliminates the stress, the drama, the expectations of others. I know from first hand experience that when you are getting married, you definitely get a lot of opinions from others on “how it should look like.”

2. Elopements are so intimate, unique, and personal. Elopements come with ZERO limitations. So when it comes to the location, the vows, and even the dress – you make it what you want it to be. Memories don’t come from the things you had to buy to decorate your wedding day. Memories of your wedding day come from the experience of the day together with one another. It can be a whole different adventure that you are sharing with just the two of you. Take a helicopter down into the Grand Canyon. Or get married with a hike in the mountains. You can even tie it to your honeymoon location making one big trip out of it. The options are limitless. The most important thing is elopements are about just the two of you with whatever scene you want to be looking at as you are saying your vows to each other.

3. Elopements are less expensive. Weddings ARE expensive! According to, the average wedding in 2021 was $28,000. If you include the engagement ring, it was $34,000! No matter the reasons for eloping, you are going to save a ton of money. And the money you do save can be chosen to be used for something else that maybe really matters a lot more to a couple. Maybe you want a bigger honeymoon to kickstart your travels as a couple. Or maybe you really want a down payment on your first home. With an elopement, you get to prioritize what you are spending it on and focus that on just the two of you, not entertaining guests or party favors, or even pleasing family.

Here’s the great thing about elopements. You can still have it documented and photographed. So you can still have beautiful gorgeous photos to look back on and show your family and your future children. You get to pick the setting, the time best for the setting, and just live in the moments with just the two of you with me third-wheeling in the distance capturing your day.

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