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Phoenix Photographer + Entrepreneur + Entrepreneur Wife (We're just a family of entrepreneurs) + Mama of Two Beautiful Girls

My love affair with the camera began when my second child was born and I was looking for a part time seasonal holiday job. I got a job working for a retail photography company in a mall, it was the first time picking up the camera and within 3 months I became full- time managing my own studio. That came to an end though as my husband joined the military after his brother had been KIA in Iraq. But I didn’t stop being behind the lens.


My husband was stationed at Fort Campbell, KY and that is where my outdoor photography adventure began. Soldiers were getting deployed constantly and families wanted family photos. So that’s when I first went outdoors and taught myself. Although, I will say, my skills then were definitely not what they are now. But being a soldier’s wife, and also a gold star family member, photographing soldiers before they deployed with their families was definitely a passion for me. I knew how important family photos were, as I took my own brother-in-law’s last family photos before he deployed and then was later killed in Iraq in 2006. So it definitely fueled the fire to say the least.

about me, candace weir, memories by candace, photographer, az, arizona
photo of memories by candace out in a field golden sun

Whatcha Wanna Know About Me?

I was born and raised in Tennessee. Yep, a good ol’ southern country girl. I still have a hard time getting rid of that accent. I get asked about it A.LOT.!!


Besides having my camera in my hand, the first thing I get in my hands in the morning is coffee. I can’t start my day without it.


I love wine! My husband just took me to Napa Valley for Valentine’s Day of February 2022 and I absolutely fell in love with wine even more.


I’ve been known, at least in my own household, to break out in a dance party. Seriously, it’s a tradition I started when my own daughters were young that after every family movie when the end credits come on – we get up and dance. I still do this today and they look at me like I am ludicrous.


I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2015 and have been in love with the state and people ever since!