Hey you!


So listen, I have to tell you something. I did weddings years ago and swore I would never look back. I secretly hated them. But hello, that was like 18 years ago?? I didn’t know what I know now. I didn’t have the skills I have now. I didn’t have a wonderful associate teaming up with me. I literally had my husband as my second shooter with the camera. I was so inexperienced then.


It wasn’t until late 2020, I decided I was going to give it another shot at photographing weddings again and marketing them. Seriously, Amanda and Tyler – if you are reading this, you were my first “non-backyard” wedding at the Arizona Grand Resort in December. There were 2 more backyard weddings that I did that year, and in all fairness, it was 2020. I guess I just dropped a bomb on them. However, they had me for their engagement photos and the rest was history. I guess they trusted me, because it went very well.


Since then, I made it a goal in 2021 to just take on one wedding a month. And it truly worked out well, because I think I probably did just that. I think I ended the year with 11 or 12 weddings. So that was right on my goal.


Well, over the year, I realized that my long lost enemy became a HUGE love affair. Weddings became a secret passion that I thought was long gone. Couples, love stories, and weddings! I truly do love them now. And I want to book more! I love telling couples’ love stories.


Professional photographer coaches will tell you – only do weddings or only do families. Not both. Find your niche and stick to it. Truth is, I haven’t found my niche. Your niche is supposed to be what you are the best at, what you really get passionate about, and all that. I find myself torn because I get passionate about all of it.


Well, I’m here to tell you – I proved it wrong my first year. I balanced both weddings and family photography great.


And despite the saying, “Find your niche and ONLY stick to that one thing (weddings, babies, families, etc.)”, I realized that what I want is truly this…

``First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage...``

Truth is – this is where families begin. And I want in on every part of it. I truly enjoy and share passion in all of it. And I think that’s what makes me so good at my job (not that I am bragging – I am not – I’m sharing where my passions lie).


There have been a couple times now that I have photographed a wedding couple and that couple had kids and I’ve photographed family photos of them. I LOVE THAT! I love that I am now that couple’s family photographer too, not just their wedding photographer that shared just one day of their life. I am watching their family grow! And I got to be there the day of their union and see it blossom into a family! It is PRETTY DANG AMAZING!

photo showing bride and groom for wedding and then photo of bride kissing son during family photography

I live to do it all. Yes, that wasn’t a typo. I truly LIVE to do it all. I look at what I do and I think about if I were just a wedding photographer or just a maternity photographer or just a senior photographer at how bored I may be always doing the same thing over and over.


This is my jam. I am a creative artists and it’s when I photograph a family session, and then go and capture a senior session, and then capture a love story, that I get refreshed because I am creating different types of photos.


That’s it! I’m just sharing my heart with you. Hopefully you see a little of why my passion is what it is. And what I strive to be! I don’t want to just toss you after the wedding…I want to be there for every big day and moment of your story.

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