Here from the testimonial below of the photography experience with the lady with rainbow skirt for project find my rainbow for pregnancy and infant loss at south mountain, phoenix, arizona

Photography Experience

Taking pictures is a lot different than capturing moments. In our time together, I’ve even been known to change the minds of dreading teenagers, husbands, and fiancés and hearing them say, “This was a truly fun photography experience.”


With Memories by Candace, I strive to capture those timeless portraits that you will put on the wall or hand out to family, and at the same time create long lasting moments that you don’t want to take down from your wall and that you will keep as memories.


So peek below to see my most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions bouncing around in that head of yours – let’s chat!


“I don’t even know how to properly express how magical Candace is! This photography experience was in honor of our daughter who died for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. She instantly accepted my request for a session in honor of her and came up with an amazing location here in Phoenix. The shoot was emotional and she made me so comfortable since I didn’t know to smile or not smile given the circumstances. Candace had an amazing vision to bring this to fruition and never pushed me to do something. I’m so grateful for Candace!”

Ashley Sherouse

Frequently asked questions

What happens after I book with you?

When you book with Memories by Candace, immediately after your booking you will receive a guide that I've prepared with tips and helping you prepare just for your session.

How many photos end up in the final gallery?

With the exception of my mini and essential packages, I deliver all the different poses or different looking photos into your gallery. With my full luxe session experiences, you are paying for my time spent with you, which is what I want! I love spending time with you and creating your story and documenting you. It's the best part about my job and where I truly love and have passion in doing so. So obviously you are most likely going to get more photos in an hour session versus a 20 minute session. Each session is unique and the number varies depending on how much time it may take to set up a large family versus photographing a senior or if we do outfit changes or if a newborn baby is peaceful or grumpy. We may walk around more at a different location or a toddler may have a melt down. If I'm playing around with a couple and having them dance in the road, I may get so many more different looks than a posed family looking at the camera. Each session and story is unique. So giving you a precise number is something I can't do. However, I can tell you that we usually get about an average of one photo per minute in delivered galleries if that helps. Sometimes less and sometimes more. It truly depends on our time together. And remember, quality over quantity rings true especially in our time together.

How are our portraits delivered?

You will receive access to an online gallery that you are more than welcome to share with family as well. This gallery allows you to download your photos with the option to purchase prints from my high quality lab as well from the comfort of your own home. You're already investing in your portraits with me, so why not purchase your favorites from my lab as well.

Do you retouch photos?

I do edit the photos with my style and I also do minor retouching. I don't mind doing more heavy retouching, but usually I need you to let me know you want that during our photoshoot. I can whiten teeth, soften skin, get rid of acne, etc.

What's your turn around time?

Typically I am very quick with editing your images. I can't wait to pull them up on the computer and get to work on editing them! Seeing what we captured together is one of my favorite parts of photography. You usually have your images in 2 weeks or less..

What is required to book with Memories by Candace?

I require half up front to reserve and get on my calendar. The other half isn’t due until the day of your session. The exceptions for this are mini events and weddings. Mini events are sometimes due in full. Weddings may be approved for a payment plan, depending on how far out the wedding day is. With requiring half up front and the other half not due until the day of session, this allows my packages to be budget friendly. It also ensures that I forgo other photography opportunities. You can book directly on the investment page of this website.


Absolutely! Whether it's helping you choose your colors with the landscape that we are photographing at or even wedding timeline details, I welcome the fact that you are trusting me and confiding in me to make your photos the best. Each session that is booked receives a guide from me first thing. And now, every client also has their own personal styling assistant. Each client gets access to Style & Select. You fill out a questionnaire and make selections to help with planning of outfits during our time together.


I book as far out as far as you want! That’s the perk of me being a full time photographer, any scheduling of my own revolves around you - my client.

Do you travel?

Heck ya! Traveling is actually one of my most favorite things to do, so if you want me to come to your area - let's talk! Travel fees do apply for areas outside the Phoenix area.

Do you offer video services?

I don't, but I have friends who work with me! Check out my preferred vendors list at

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