5 Things you Should Do Immediately after Receiving your Photos

5 Things you Should Do Immediately after Receiving your Photos

So, you’ve just received your ahhhhh-maaaaazzzzinnnggg photos from your photographer, and now it’s time to dive into the fun stuff!

Here are a few things you should totally do right away:

1. Backup, backup, backup

I feel like I should say it one more time! BACK THOSE THANGS UP! This is probably the most important thing you NEED to do. Let’s be honest, after I have photographed and delivered the photos to my clients, that’s sort of the end of my job until I see them again for their next session with me. And you know as well as I do, that tech can be kind of fickle at times and things can happen that disappoint us.

Seriously, don’t risk losing those precious memories! Make sure to create multiple copies of your photos. Save them in different places and spaces. Save them somewhere safe like an external hard drive or uploading them to the cloud (or both).  I have an option in my own client galleries where you can purchase my Gallery Backup as well. This basically keeps and stores them for you just in case something happens.


2. Share the Love

Time to show off your amazing portraits to the world! Share them with your friends and family on social media. You know what photographers really love though?? When you share your photos, share your photographer. Yup! So whether that’s through a simple tag on social media or directing them to my website – you may just win the best client ever award! I guess I truly have a lot of best clients ever.


3. Bring your Photos to Life

In today’s world, a lot of photos live on screens. But you have invested in these portraits! They are not only a work of art, but so special in capturing these times and moments. Want to take your photos from digital to tangible? You should! You should display them proudly in your safest space, which is hopefully your home.  Print them out and create some awesome wall art or a snazzy photo album. It’s like having your own mini art exhibit right at home! And grandparents LOVE these as holiday gifts! You have the option to print in your gallery that I deliver. And these aren’t just those cheap retail store prints. My gallery prints come from a highly chosen quality lab. You won’t be disappointed!


4. Respond to your Photographer

I cannot tell you how sometimes I deliver the gallery to my clients and I am anxiously waiting to see how you feel about them. Every gallery I send off, I get nervous.

As photographers, the art we create was done so with our heart and soul. We just hope you love it as much as we do. Sometimes when we don’t hear from you, we are overthinking to ourselves and thinking maybe something is wrong (and it probably isn’t).  Sending a little response in letting us know what you think truly makes our hearts soar and beam and it may just make us do a little dance. And listen, I get it. You are so excited in receiving them, that maybe you go off to the internet and start posting them immediately and you responding to your photographer just simply slips your mind! However, it truly is so great when we receive a response letting us know you love them too.


5. Write your Photographer a Review

Okay, well, this one doesn’t HAVE to be done of course. But it’s so appreciated and it means the world to your photographer. Not only does it help us grow as a business, but getting client’s feedback is my absolute fave. The reviews that help me the most are the ones written that include all the special, unique details about our time together and the whole process. These are the ones that make my heart just skip a beat! If you truly loved the experience with Memories by Candace, please let me know.

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