Blackstone Country Club - Peoria, AZ


Let me tell ya about something WILD that happened this night at Blackstone Country Club in Peoria, AZ during this senior photo session.


Well, I had a busy day that day. My day started early. I checked my calendar probably three times that day for this senior session. I swear…I MEAN IT…I swear I saw 5:00 pm pop-up every time I looked at it. I was editing photos in between and even rushing off because I edited right up until the last minute and thought, “Gosh, I’m going to be late!”


I show up, I text the mom and let them know I had arrived at Blackstone Country Club in Vistancia in Peoria, AZ.


The mom replies, “Oh! Okay – we’ll come early then. We are just down the road.” I was so confused. I looked at my calendar and realized, the session wasn’t supposed to start until 6:00pm. I couldn’t believe it. It was the first time I had done that…like ever.


They showed up early to keep me not waiting and we got started her senior photos out on the beautiful golf course. At 6:00, when the original session time was supposed to actually start, I’m down getting a photo on the ground and the sprinklers come on!!


So we are all of a sudden running with me trying to cover my camera and her trying not to get wet! And guess what? They are on EVERYWHERE. Not in just a spot or two. The golf course was closed that day and the manager (who gave us permission to be there) forgot to tell us the sprinklers were set to go off at 6:00!!


Thank goodness, we got there early and got some photos. Really – THANK GOODNESS that I thought the session was supposed to be at 5:00 pm or we would have gotten ZERO photos on the golf course.


During that time of sprinklers as we were scrambling, I told her to take a second and let me get some photos of her standing with the sprinklers going off behind her in the golden sun. I knew it would be a cool effect. What an evening! Sometimes, things just happen as they should. In this case, I’m so glad I showed up an hour before I was supposed to.


This senior is college bound! And she deserves it. She’s worked so hard with her golfing career and golf has always been a part of her life since she was young. She has a scholarship commitment to play D1 Golf at University of Denver in Colorado in the upcoming fall of 2023. That’s so amazing.

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