Buffalo Park - Flagstaff, AZ

Cantu Family

I was so glad to go to the green up north in Flagstaff to get just a little bit of something different. The temperatures were still over 100 degrees in the Phoenix area and going up north there was about a 20 degree cooler difference. It truly felt like fall at Buffalo Park in AZ. The colors that this family wore for their family photos also gave us that fall look that was desired.


I have photographed their family photos for a while now. Mom really wanted a lot of candid photos and moments during our time together. We truly had a lot of fun and the kids had a lot of fun. These moments are so great with little ones and sometimes playing can be the best part of a family photoshoot. You get those genuine smiles and it keeps the kids moving. These are what the mom and dad will look back on and smile as they grow.


Let them be little and play. I love these types of sessions. What I strive for in our family photos is the timeless photos that grandparents usually want on the wall, you know, those ones of you looking at the camera and smiling. But then I strive for moments like these that you look back on and miss when they were little.

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