Buffalo Park - Flagstaff, AZ


Going up north in August for senior photos is definitely something I want to do every year. The wildflowers were in full swing and it was a beautiful place to photograph at Buffalo Park in Flagstaff, AZ.


Of course, getting away from the Phoenix, Arizona desert to cooler temperatures was wonderful too. Choosing a location that your senior really wants is so important. Get them comfortable. For this senior, she really loves to be outdoors and she really loves green nature. So this was spot meant for her.


Ashlyn plans to graduate this year from being homeschooled, and she hopes to travel the country quite a bit for her first year and turning 18. She is working hard at a retail job she has to save money to be able to do so with her childhood best friend that lives in Tennessee.


Ashlyn loves fashion, thrifting, writing songs, and truly loves to take in the beauty of nature around her. She does love green, which is why she wanted photos in Flagstaff with green trees.


As a Phoenix Photographer, sometimes escaping the heat to up north is the best thing to do for families, seniors, maternity, and even couples. Our brutal heat in the summers can sometimes make for a slower season in the valley, but heading up north can make a world of difference. While travel fees are definite during the busier months, sometimes travel fees can be waived or discounted in the slower months. So just reach out and ask!

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