Cotton Fields - Buckeye, AZ

Boesschoten Family

I first met this family 3 years ago. They met me in the Sunflower fields for photos right at this very same location. Three years ago, they hadn’t quite adopted their youngest daughter yet. But she was there and the sweetest cutest, timid little one. I loved her so much. She wasn’t hard to forget. This year when photographing them in the Cotton Fields in Buckeye,AZ. She was officially adopted and part of the family. She is still the same sweet girl.


I love this family so much. I had a wonderful time on the farm with them at this little slice of paradise. I’m so grateful for Rocker 7 Farm allowing us to use their farm for cotton fields in Buckeye, Arizona. It’s the perfect place to hug your families close as you are in the fields and maybe do a little dancing and playing with candid moments as well.


We got some wonderful sunset family photos in AZ that night. They were my last family of the evening and I love when I get to the last ones, because sometimes I get more time to get to know a family more and stand around and chat.

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