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Hey there couples!

Let’s have some fun together! More importantly, let’s let you two have some fun together and I’ll just be over here third-wheeling behind the camera.


I know being in front of the camera can be intimidating.


I’ve prepared this couples guide just for you for your photography session to help get the photos you want!


Don’t worry we will get those posed photos that your parents want to hang on the wall, but we will also get some intimate moments between just the two of you. And I have my ways of doing that for sure.


Being a couples photographer is one of my absolutely favorite things. We really get to have a lot of fun capturing your love. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s what it really is and I can’t wait to celebrate it. I cannot wait to tell your story!


It will definitely help if you look at your photo session as a fun date together, truly capturing who you are while you are together. Hopefully that’s the best version of yourselves! And my job is to just capture all that kinds of beauty and more. I’ve written my guide below will help you achieve that in our time together. But I’ll also be there to help you too.


Feel free to save this link and come back to this page. For the best experience, use the pop-up window. You can even download it from the pop-up window.


The main thing is to have fun together. It’s really just that…no stress, nothing too formal, but just the fun of being together…which hey, isn’t that why you are a couple?


See you soon! I cannot wait!


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