Desert West Valley - AZ

Brian + Chelsea

Hey friends, guess what? It’s a small world out here in the wild west valley of Arizona! So, this awesome couple reached out to me for some engagement and wedding photo magic, and bam, we sealed the deal. But get this – turns out my daughter used to swim with Brian back in high school in Surprise, AZ. Crazy, right? Brian, the sports whiz, and Chelsea, the artsy show choir queen, make quite the dynamic duo. And I actually remembered Brian as the friendly face of the swim team in high school, as a swim team mom just watching the swim meets. They both attended Valley Vista High School in the north west valley small town of Surprise.


Now, when we hit the desert scene, Brian needed a bit of a pep talk to loosen up. But we totally nailed it! By the end of our photo fiesta, he even had this cool idea to cradle Chelsea in his arms. Adorable, right?


Oh, and the outfit change? Not just about celebrating their engagement – they threw in an Army uniform and Chelsea’s nurse scrubs for kicks. Graduating from West Point and nursing school, these two are on the brink of big things. Post-wedding, Chelsea’s ready to roll with the Army wherever it takes them. Life’s an adventure, and they’re rocking it!

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