End of Life

These type of photos are never easy, but it's why I do what I do.

When this lovely wife reached out to me over the phone, telling me about the End of Life of her husband, there were tears.


But I am so appreciative in the fact that she knows what these end of life photos mean to her and what they will mean to their family.


As a photographer, these type of photos can be emotionally difficult behind the lens but I’m so grateful to be asked to be a part of such intimate and sensitive moments.


Phil served our country, hence his favorite marine hat he is wearing. He has a sense of humor, even now. Phil and Jodi are the best of friends even in their marriage today. And I wanted to capture that. Even while I was photographing them, Phil cracked a couple of jokes. He told me at the end that Jodi, his wife, is his rock. And she literally is…all through our session, she was holding him so he could stand. She was encouraging him and supporting him and telling him how proud of him she was. Wow…that’s amazing.


Thank you Jodi for letting me be a part of this for you both. It was such an honor and pleasure meeting the both of you.


Phil passed away in April of 2022. Jodi reached out to me and let me know of his passing.

It really puts a different perspective that sometimes I need to be reminded of. In fact we all do I am sure.

These are the moments I live for.