Estrella Mountain Ranch - Goodyear, AZ

Olivas Family

In Estrella Mountain Ranch in Goodyear, AZ, this beautiful spot by the water gives us a look by the water almost like a beach without actually going to the beach. This lakeside community is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Estrella Mountains. You are sure to see ducks near the water while we are photographing. There is also a park, so if you have little ones, plan to bribe them with these things to do and play after the photos.


This location is a difficult one sometimes, as I can photograph families there all times of day. It really needs to be photographed as my very last time spot of the day as that sun is tricky when it’s going down in the evening. It’s a lovely spot and fun fact, I used to live there when we first moved to Arizona. It’s a small knit community that we say is “up the hill” from the city of Goodyear. It can take some driving time that people don’t realize due to that. So it’s definitely not at the base of Goodyear. It’s definitely in the mountains.


During these family photos, we played together and had some fun, especially by the water. The girls were the sweetest and kudos to dad too for being a good sport. Mom wore the perfect dress that just flowed with the wind from the water. Capturing photos near water is one of my faves, because of this. I love getting wind and movement and the water and wind together always help with that.


This location is perfect if you want a little bit a green, water, and desert. As a resident there living in Estrella Mountain, it’s always fun to introduce Arizona families there that maybe haven’t seen that area before as well.

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