Family Ranch - Buckeye, AZ

Leister Family

Every year, I use Rocker 7 Farm in Buckeye, AZ to photograph in the cotton fields or sunflower fields when they are in season. Well, I was so honored when the owner of Rocker 7 Farm herself asked me to take their own family photos at their family ranch. What was even more exciting was that their family ranch was a cattle ranch. So yes! We were going to get cows in the background of our photos. I thrive at capturing different locations such as this.


I had so much fun at their family ranch in Buckeye, AZ. On the farm, I got to meet a cat, their dog, and even goats! The kids were just adorable and wanted to show me around everywhere. I could imagine myself playing there as a kid and I hope they know the precious place they have and look back on it when they grow up. Having pastures to just run through with animals around, they could learn so much.


My favorite part of this session is that we captured the cattle ranch at sunset with the gorgeous mountains that surround their place in beautiful Arizona. If you know about the 5-C’s of Arizona, cattle is one of them. Haven’t heard of the 5-Cs? For decades in Arizona, children are taught about the five driving forces that have built Arizona’s economy. They are cotton, cattle, copper, citrus, and climate. I just gave you a little history lesson. You are welcome!

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