Firehouse Event Center - Peoria, AZ

Cody + Amber

Photo of bride and groom in front of wedding venue Peoria Firehouse Center in Arizona

When I pulled up to the Firehouse Event Center for this wedding in Peoria, AZ, I couldn’t wait to capture this couple’s wedding photos.


Amber and Cody love to adventure together. They love to do life together. And that’s what it’s simply all about.


Cody is originally from Alabama and he was all about that “Roll Tide” and Amber is from Arizona. You could tell they loved to be surrounded by their friends and family on their big day.

I drive past this place all the time and I never knew a Wedding Venue sat here and this was quite a little treasure. I mean who wouldn’t want to have the Firehouse look for their wedding. And those doors on the front is where I was dying to photograph the minute I pulled in.

The groom was former military and a lot of his groomsmen had also served our country in one way or another. So one of the photos he requested was underneath the flag inside with his guys. And I’m so glad we did it. He said it was one of the reasons of why they chose this wedding venue. And I have to say, the guys all dressed in navy was the right color for sure, even outside where the firehouse doors were. The groom also looked pretty slick himself.

And let’s not forget the ladies.

Check out some more details from Cody and Amber’s special day at the Firehouse Event Center in Peoria, Arizona.

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