Freed Spirits Animal Rescue - Phoenix, AZ

Josh + Kaylee

wedding couple in Phoenix Arizona desert at sunset

Kaylee’s family owns Freed Spirits Animal Rescue in Phoenix, AZ and so it was only fitting that she got married amongst the animals and what she loved. Josh and her both do a lot with the rescue.


Kaylee and Josh have been planning their wedding for well over a year now. And they booked me for their wedding photography more than a year out. I love that. We did their engagement session last year in the sunflower fields, because Kaylee loves sunflowers so much.


And it’s only fitting that since they both really love to help animals in AZ, and do a lot with Freed Spirits Animal Rescue that they get married at this beautiful space they had for family and friends.

This wedding was so special because Kaylee and Josh made everything for the wedding themselves. They took fun little day trips and went shopping at thrift stores all around for decor. And every table had different things they found.


The wind chimes that were placed where they were getting married represent Josh’s parents that have both passed.


They made everything from signage and even converting one of their horse trailers into a bar. I told them they should rent that thing out because it looked fantastic!


Even though each chair had someone in it for the wedding, it felt really small and intimate. Even the guest singing one of Kaylee’s favorite songs at the end with just a guitar playing, “Here comes the sun” by the Beatles.

After the ceremony, Kaylee and Josh took us down the road just a bit for some intimate couple photos in the desert. And it was definitely true desert as we got attacked by a bunch of jumping chollas. I ended up getting one that clung to my foot and I was wearing sandals. Josh tried to get it out and then 3 more clung onto him. It was a mess, but TOTALLY worth it with the photos we captured. And how fitting, because as we were sitting there trying to get the cactus needles out of our skin we joked about how his last name is Thorne.


We truly had so much fun. This couple planned their wedding around these golden hour and sunset photos and it was just absolutely perfect as we had plenty of time dancing in the desert and playing on the road, too. It was full of intimate moments to take in that they had just gotten married before they arrived back on the farm with their guests.

Enjoy some more wedding photos from their special wedding day! Congrats Kaylee and Josh! Joceline and I really enjoyed photographing your special day.

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