Frontyard Wedding - Mesa, AZ

Paul + Jacque

bride and groom wedding photo in the sun at Water Users Recreation area at the Salt River in Mesa, AZ

At a gorgeous home situated in the desert in Mesa, AZ, a beautiful driveway wedding in the frontyard was taking place with Paul and Jacque. It was a beautiful day with blue skies. They ultimately decorated the front driveway for the ceremony and then the reception was held on the side of the house in another part of their very large driveway.

Wedding couple in frontyard in Mesa, AZ where their ceremony was held

When the ceremony was over, I just couldn’t stop clicking because it was so cute in how my bride just lit up while walking down the aisle. She was so ecstatic and the way they just looked at each other in the golden sun was adorable.

I met with Jacque just a week before her ceremony. She knew she wanted to go away with Paul and her wedding party before the ceremony to get some photos in the beautiful desert landscape and I knew just the location for her to do this.


The home of where the wedding was being held wasn’t far from the Salt River. So it was an easy choice even in the middle of the afternoon for wedding photos with her bridesmaids and groomsmen. And after the first look held at the home, it was a nice few intimate moments shared with just the bride and groom for a little while too.

But this amazing couple gave their photographer even more time for photos after the ceremony! This is every photographer’s dream! As wedding photographers, we long to be able to spend more time with wedding couples. We know that ultimately, these are usually the works of art going on walls. And this has to be a wedding that I honestly got more photos of the bride and groom than any other wedding. It was perfect and during golden hour.


The home they were married at belonged to Paul’s parents. And there was a staircase that led to the roof of the home and it overlooked the city. While it was a small space, it was absolutely perfect in what we needed to get that beautiful golden hour sky, too.


Your day was so beautiful, Jacque and Paul. Congratulations!

Here are a few more faves of mine from the day with black and white photos, which sometimes I add to a gallery.

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