Phoenix In-Home Newborn Photos

McGuire Family

This in-home newborn session in Glendale, AZ was the one that truly captured my heart for lifestyle newborn photography. The love radiating between the couple, experiencing parenthood for the first time, was beautifully evident throughout our time together. The way they gazed at each other and their newborn son translated into captivating photos. Baby Myles entered the world surrounded by so much love, and surprisingly, he seemed to have a natural talent for posing in front of the camera – a rare occurrence in newborn sessions.


It’s not every day that a baby knows exactly where to look, especially considering their unfamiliarity with eye directions. Yet, this little guy seemed to understand he was the star of the show on the day of our photoshoot, consistently making eye contact at the perfect moments. It was an absolute delight.


One of the joys of my job is stepping into different homes and playing with the unique light each space offers. Being a natural light photographer, I find it thrilling to experiment with the interplay of light and shadows in a room. The lighting in this session perfectly complemented these in-home newborn photos in Glendale, adding an extra layer of magic. I’m truly grateful for moments like these.

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