Granada Park - Phoenix, AZ

Gulisano Family

Some of these photos, you wouldn’t recognize as Phoenix, AZ, especially in Granada Park, as it’s not the normal family photos in the desert that we capture a lot of in Phoenix area.


This is a wonderful photography location that I don’t photograph at enough, mainly because it’s only great the last golden time of the evening. So the time of day has to be right for sure. I can’t just go and photograph there at any time to get that golden mountain as the sunsets.


Granada Park boasts of a beautiful mountain with green scenery and water as well. When you arrive there, you will most likely see it as a tucked away Phoenix neighborhood park where the locals come to fish, play, and have picnics. It’s a beautiful place to take photos and definitely not well known unless you live nearby.


During this session, little man wasn’t wanting to stay still for sure. So with this age, we do what we do best. We play. In doing so, we captured so many wonderful expressions from him. He was so cute! Sometimes playing is better than posed and it’s job to read that as photographers and we have tips that will work in our time together.


Definitely feel free to check out what to expect when photographing toddlers below.

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