Granite Basin Lake - Prescott, AZ

Anthony + Courtney

When it’s sizzling hot in August down here in Phoenix, there’s one surefire escape route: head north to cooler havens! And guess what? That’s exactly what we did when we set our sights on Granite Basin Lake in Prescott, AZ.


Now, let me tell you, this place is a bona fide hidden gem. It’s like a secret oasis with lush greenery that beckons to all us Phoenicians during the scorching summer months. I mean, you step out of your car after that drive from Phoenix, and it’s like you’ve entered a whole new climate – a refreshing 20-degree temperature drop, no less!


Now, here’s a little backstory for you. Memories by Candace had the pleasure of capturing Courtney and Anthony’s precious moments once before. Our talented Joceline worked her magic on some fabulous family photos. So, when this lovely couple shared the exciting news of their engagement, and I introduced them to this amazing northern spot, well, the decision was a no-brainer. We were off on another adventure together!

Oh, Anthony and Courtney, they brought a whole lot of romance to our photo session! I mean, it was like something out of a fairytale. From Courtney’s stunning outfit choice that oozed elegance to the delightful moment when they shared a bottle of champagne, it was pure magic.

But wait, it gets even more enchanting! They didn’t stop there; they decided to take the plunge—literally! They got into the water, and let me tell you, the sparks were flying. It was like a scene straight out of a steamy romance movie. The passion in those shots was absolutely electric. 🌊❤️


And guess what? Their love story is just beginning to unfold. Anthony and Courtney are planning to elope in beautiful Colorado, and then, they’re circling back to the Phoenix area for a grand wedding reception with their friends and family. Now, that’s what I call excitement! 🥂👰🤵✨

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