Granite Basin Lake - Prescott, AZ

Huckaby Family

Oh, let’s take a little trip down memory lane! Last year, I found myself at the stunning Granite Basin Lake for a family photoshoot that left me utterly captivated. I mean, seriously, it was one of those places that just begged for a return visit. So, come August, I packed up my gear and headed back to the Prescott, AZ area for a couple of weekends filled with camera clicks and adventure.


Now, here’s the kicker. This particular weekend was all about doing our best rain dances. We were practically begging the clouds to stick around a bit longer. No golden hour magic this time, folks. Nope, this was a rendezvous with Mother Nature, and she was feeling a bit unpredictable. But you know what? Sometimes, the unexpected makes for the most enchanting photos, and boy, did these turn out magical!


Speaking of magic, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing this fantastic family since 2020. Watching their little one grow and strike a pose for my camera is like witnessing a tiny superstar in the making. Seriously, she’s a natural! And let’s not forget about Mom’s fashion sense. The outfits she picked for the gang were nothing short of fabulous. Bold colors on a cloudy day? Yep, they totally rocked it. It just goes to show, a little style can turn a moody day into a canvas of family memories.

You know what’s really awesome about this place? It’s like a photographer’s playground all around. And guess what? It can totally switch up its look depending on when we decide to snap those pics.


So, picture this: golden hour. That time when the sun’s just about to call it a day, and it bathes everything in this warm, magical light. It’s like a big, soft filter for the world. You take a shot, and bam! Instant fairytale vibes. Colors pop, and it feels like you’re in a dream.


But hold on, there’s more. Cloudy days and sunsets, my friend. That’s a whole different story. Moody, dramatic, and oh-so-epic. Those clouds turn into an artist’s canvas, painting the sky with stunning shades. It’s like a natural light show, and we’ve got the best seats in the house.


So, you see, it’s all about going with the flow and letting this place work its magic. Prescott’s like our creative partner in crime, and it’s always up for a new adventure.

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