Granite Basin Lake - Prescott, AZ

Gjebre Family

In the midst of the November craziness during busy season, I had this awesome family book me for a maternity and family photoshoot up in Prescott. Despite the hustle and bustle, I made sure to clear my calendar because capturing this maternity session in Prescott was a must.


Let me tell you about this incredible family. The beauty of this moment, as a family of three, is truly one-of-a-kind. Time is ticking, and soon they’ll become a family of four. So, while we were capturing the radiant glow of that maternity belly, there was a profound significance in snapping those final photos as a trio. It’s this mix of sweetness and a hint of bittersweet, capturing the essence of this unique and fleeting chapter.


Now, heading from Phoenix to Prescott in late November was a bit of a wildcard for me. Usually, I’m more accustomed to photographing in Prescott during the summer. But you know what? It turned out to be a pleasant surprise. While the greenery wasn’t as vibrant, it still gave us this incredible earthy backdrop.


Here’s the kicker though – I got there early and was on a mission to find this perfect overlook spot for the grand finale at sunset. And guess what? Mission accomplished. Picture this: overlooking a stunning green valley, and as the sun set, the sky transformed into this breathtaking pink hue in the blink of an eye. Real talk, those skies were something else. It reignited my love for Prescott and sunsets all over again. Who knew Prescott in the winter could be so magical, right?

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