Heritage Club - Surprise, AZ

Robby + Kailey

Oh, I’ve got a delightful story for you! So, I’ve snapped pics in Marley Park countless times for family photos, but this was a first – a wedding at the Heritage Club in that charming green Marley Park neighborhood in Surprise, Arizona. Joceline and I were over the moon celebrating Robby and Kailey’s big day. There’s something magical about diving into the stories of the families, you know? The groom’s side, mainly from Flagstaff, made the trip just for the wedding. I got to hear some hilarious tales from Robby’s dad, like how he used to go by “Gingerlicious” because of his hair color. Such a sweet couple, it made the day even more special!

However, I have to say, you won’t believe the awesome vibe from this wedding party! Seriously, I’ve never encountered a more grateful bunch. It blew my mind how they kept thanking us, not just the usual gratitude but sincere appreciation. When dinner rolled around, it was like a tag team of insisting – they practically pushed us to the front of the line. We usually wait, you know, let the couple and the squad go first, but nope, they wouldn’t have it. Insisted we load up our plates ASAP. They totally understood the importance of us fueling up so we could dive back into capturing those unforgettable moments. Their friendliness took the cake, way beyond what we’ve seen at other weddings!

Oh, and this wedding party was a blast! I decided to spice things up and try this cool wedding photography trend I’d seen making waves – the blurred wedding party motion. Picture this: the squad gracefully moving in and out of the frame while the camera’s shutter is wide open, and the couple stands still like the stars of their own romantic drama. It ended up being even more magical than I imagined! Big shoutout to this awesome wedding party for being game and actually enjoying the whole thing. They even let us know how much fun they had with it! The blurred wedding party photography photos are pictured below.

Such a heartwarming day surrounded by friends and family! The wedding was this sweet, intimate affair with a brief but beautiful ceremony. You know what really gets us? When the groom gets a bit misty-eyed as his bride makes her entrance down the aisle. It adds this extra layer of emotion that’s just priceless. The whole celebration had this cozy, backyard family vibe, even though it went down at the Marley Park Heritage Club. Joceline and I loved capturing the wedding day! Here are few more photos below.

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