Heritage Square Park - Phoenix, AZ


Oh, let me regale you with the heartwarming tale of our senior photoshoot adventure at Heritage Square Park in Downtown Phoenix! Picture this: about 10 minutes into our session, as I was artfully capturing Payton’s essence through my lens, she suddenly turned to me with a radiant smile and exclaimed, “Candace, I love you!” Ha! Talk about an instant connection – it was like the universe had conspired to bring us together.


These young adults are nothing short of amazing. They exude a sweetness that’s as genuine as a candy store in a small town.


Now, let’s talk about Payton – a vision of beauty both inside and out. Her skin had a natural glow that could rival the Arizona sunsets. But here’s the real magic: this incredible young lady is bound for Grand Canyon University in the fall, with dreams of nursing and a heart that’s already involved in so much. From Science Medicine classes to HOSA, her passion knows no bounds. And her focus? Pediatrics. It’s as if she carries the entire future of medicine in her big, compassionate heart!


And then, there’s her mom – a lovely soul who, in the midst of our photoshoot, asked me about my origins. When I shared that I hailed from Tennessee, she inquired if I thought Arizona was my forever home. Without hesitation, I replied with a resounding yes. Why, you ask? It’s because of the people, the wonderful folks who call Arizona home.


As I edited these photos, all I could think was, “What an extraordinary young woman Payton is! And even her mom – she’s simply amazing too!” It’s the people, you see, that make Arizona my heart’s true abode. The connections forged in moments like these remind me that Arizona is not just a place; it’s a family, a community, a tapestry of souls who have, in their own special way, become ‘my people.’ They have my heart, sometimes even more than I could have ever imagined. ❤️❤️❤️

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