Horseshoe Lake Venue - Huron, TN

Zachary + Brenna

photo of couple kissing in front of Horseshoe Lake Venue in Huron, Tennessee

In Tennessee, the weather is always unpredictable at times. My flight from Phoenix landed to a rainy gloomy weekend in Nashville, Tennessee just before the wedding. Horseshoe Lake Venue in Huron, TN is about another couple hours from the airport.


Horseshoe Lake was a gorgeous venue with acres and acres of green pasture and a gorgeous slate blue barn. It was a stunning place to photograph. Outside was green fields surrounded by a beautiful fence and the color of the barn was perfect with the pop of rust orange that the groom wore. It was great contrast. Inside the barn though, boasted of a beautiful staircase that I was very thankful for making the best photos when we couldn’t go outside.

It poured most of the day. The groom and groomsmen, were pretty good sports about getting photos in the rain. They played in the rain. Just like boys. Brenna, the bride, really really wanted them. So we did just a few with the bridesmaids outside. But then got her back inside with her girls. After all, she ended up re-doing her hair three times that day due to the rain and wanting some photos outside.

When it came time for the bride and groom couple wedding portraits, we had a break in the rain that seemed like it was just for them and someone was smiling down on them. As soon as we were finished with couple photos, the rain started pouring back down.

While the outside didn’t clear up for the full wedding party photos, we were able to do a lot of those along with family photos inside in the low light venue of the where the ceremony was to be held. Everything ultimately ended up still be beautiful and we were able to capture the beauty of inside the wedding venue and outside.


Enjoy some more photos from their special day below.

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