how much time to allow for your senior portraits

How much time to allow for your Senior Portraits?

When choosing or booking your senior photos, you may wonder “How much time to allow for your Senior Portraits?” With Memories by Candace, I do offer different time allotments for photos. Why? Because it’s going to be different with every teen and what they want, as well as every parent. So I thought I would dive in deeper to how much time you should spend on your senior portraits.


I offer senior portrait sessions anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Anything much more than that and hour and a half, I feel gets exhausting for the teenager or young adult when it comes to photos.

Let’s play some scenarios up to help you choose what senior photo session may be best for your grad photos.

The 20 Minute Senior Session

Across my website, I call my 20 minute sessions “Essential Sessions.” The message is really in the name. They are to get the essentials, the basics, the needs met photoshoot. This is a typical session for maybe the guys who don’t really want to have their senior photos done, but they need the invitation photos on their “Graduation cards.” Or these shorter sessions may also be for the grads that are graduating college and maybe feel like they don’t need the longer senior photoshoot that they would have had in high school. These shorter photoshoots don’t allow time for outfit changes or different location looks.

The 60 Minute Senior Session

Also in my senior photo options is a longer 60-minute session. These sessions are usually still held at one Phoenix area location, but it’s easier to mix in a couple or few different outfit options that will still give us a different look. This type of senior session is easy to get an average of 45 or more different looking photos for your graduating teen. We tend to get to play a bit longer during these sessions, and I can’t stress enough how doing this helps each teen warm up to me and have some fun, ultimately giving us more personality in their senior photos.

The 90 Minute Senior Session

Something I definitely love is spending more time with your senior and it’s a whole lot of fun choosing my Senior VIP Tour session. This is a 90 minute photo session to where we go to different locations that are all nearby each other and get plenty of different looks and feels for your teen. Of course, multiple outfits are allowed. I do suggest at least 3 outfits. We get those posed photos and truly have some fun whether that’s dancing in the road or laughing about a “pretend hottie” that’s behind me in order to get the looks during our time together. This is a full experience that’s truly meant to make your photos stand out.