How to make your Engagement Photos Stand Out

How to make your Engagement Photos Stand Out

When I meet a couple for the first time – I always tell them this. Listen, we are going to get some timeless photos and some moments. What’s the difference? Well, timeless photos are the ones those grandparents and parents want to put on their wall. They are more traditional and posed. You know – the ones with you looking at the camera and smiling. However, engagement photos are more than that. They are a time for you to celebrate this exciting occasion in your life. You are getting married!! They are a time for you to capture laughter and love. As cheesy as that sounds, this is a LOVE photoshoot. Hello! You just got engaged! So how can we make your engagement photos stand out?


It is highly suggested that you take a full hour with me. Sometimes – it takes us a bit to warm up to each other and by the end of it, you just had a fun date with me behind the lens.


Here are some suggestions for making the best out of your engagement photoshoot.

photo of couple roller blading and laughing together
  1. Consider the location – what is your vibe together? What do you like to do together? You can even make it meaningful, maybe even think of where your first date was or where you were proposed at?
  2. Choose personal items to include in your session – Maybe you two have a favorite hobby that you do together. Do you rollerblade together? Let’s skate holding hands in the sunset! Do you ride on motorcycles, then let’s definitely include that bike! Does your man romance you with the guitar? Let’s capture that! Even having a romantic sunset picnic can make a great ending to your session and letting me just third wheel behind the lens. These are just bringing props, they are meaningful things. Props will be silly looking years down if they have no meaning to you. But these personal items could create some meaningful moments in front of the lens.
  3. Ignore the camera! I mean it. In all fun, I know I have to direct you on some things and where to go and such. But when I am just trying to capture moments with you – ignore me. Capturing moments really can be the BEST photos! By the end of our time together, your couples photoshoot can be a really fun and romantic date. We’ll do some kissing and dancing together. Don’t worry I am here to kindle the romance some, too, with prompting you on what to do at times. But the passion comes from you two!
photo of photo leaned up against pickle ball net at Sterling Grove Golf Club in Surprise, Arizona

So if you are asking, “How is this going to make it stand out?” With the three elements I just explained above – trust me, everything will easily fall into place. The most important thing is being yourself and #3. If your photographer has to help with location suggestions and you don’t have any meaningful personal items to bring to your engagement session, the biggest thing in all of this is #3. Relaxing, having fun with your partner, and loosening up! I send you a guide on this, too when you book with me to help you get there.

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