Lake Pleasant - Peoria, AZ

At Lake Pleasant in Peoria, AZ I felt my creativity soaring during these maternity photos. It was girl time that was good for my soul.


Meet Kennedy. I appreciate clients like her that know the value of what I do and believe in me. Mama is having baby #2! I had the pleasure of photographing both of her maternity photos. Not only is her family growing, but she has grown with me as I have grown as a photographer.


I always suggest Lake Pleasant as a good location to photograph during the heat of the summer. Once we get near the water, it definitely doesn’t feel so hot with these Arizona summers. Plus, I love when someone is willing to get in the water!


Not even 20 minutes into our session, it started raining and the storm clouds were coming. I was so scared we weren’t going to be able to finish our session. Thankfully the rain passed quickly. It was crazy windy down by the water at Lake Pleasant, but we totally made that wind work for some of these photos. And it was magic! In the end of our time together – it felt like we were just hanging out and having fun and catching up! This is what I love and want each experience to be…time to play, laugh, and be your best self in front of the camera. I truly loved every piece of these maternity photos together.

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