Heritage Square Park - Phoenix, AZ


Oh, you won’t believe how stunning Lake Pleasant is! I mean, it’s like nature showing off its A-game with that gorgeous water and those breathtaking sunsets. 🌅 And let me tell you, if you’re up for a little adventure and don’t mind some steep rocks by the water, it’s the perfect spot for some family photos.


I’ve been reminiscing lately, thinking about how far I’ve come as a family photographer. Looking at these photos of that lovely family by the water, it hits me right in the feels. 📸 Over the years, I’ve grown so much, realizing that the photos we treasure on our walls aren’t always the ones where everyone’s posing with their perfect smiles. Nope, those tend to get swapped out like clockwork each year.


The real keepers are the ones that capture the essence of that moment in your life, the candid shots, the genuine smiles – those are the ones that tug at your heartstrings and stay on your wall for ages. It was 2022 that really shifted my photography style. I made it my mission to capture both the posed and the spontaneous moments during our sessions. It’s those genuine, in-the-moment shots that truly make memories last. 📷💫

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