Lookout Mountain - Phoenix, AZ

I was so honored to have this family book me again. You see, they don’t even live in Phoenix. They don’t even have family in AZ. So I was so thrilled to take them to Lookout Mountain.


Last year around Christmas time, they planned a trip out here to Phoenix and used me to photograph their family at South Mountain. Well, this year they decided to come out again around Christmas time and with a little surprise this time with mom being pregnant. And I was so thrilled they wanted me to take photos while they were here visiting Arizona again.


What an honor to have someone that lives in Oregon think of me to photograph their family and maternity photos, especially at such a lovely time during their family’s life of growing their family. I love that so much. It truly warms my heart and is such a joy to find that connection miles and miles away.


Little guy was all smiles and photographing at Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, we are high in the sky. So we even got him pointing up to the sky as he was seeing the airplanes. It is one of my favorites of this little rock star on dad’s shoulders. Maybe they will come back and introduce their new little boy to Phoenix again and I’ll get to meet the new addition!! Hope you enjoyed your time at Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, AZ – I hope to meet your new addition to the family one day.

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