Lost Dutchman State Park - AZ

Gabe + Brittany

With a wedding planned in Sedona, Brittany and Gabe wanted something similar with their engagement photos. With the golden sun going down, the Superstition Mountains are perfect for seeing those rocks change colors similar to Sedona. In Apache Junction, AZ near the Superstition Mountains, you will find gold mines and ghost town tours. In fact, named after the long lost fabled gold mine lies Lost Dutchman, which is the State Park in which these were photographed. It’s not too far of a drive from the Phoenix area to find this natural beauty. And it’s definitely a popular location. So much so, that we had to be strategic about when we went to photograph.


Gabe and Brittany really wanted me to capture their relationship and the giggles that they often share. They frequently go on long walks and talks and during those times, they have conversations sharing opinions, laughing, and enjoying each other. So they wanted to capture moments like that.


I loved learning how about how they met. It was actually at one of their cousin’s weddings. Brittany actually spilled Gabe’s drink. But then he summoned her to the dance floor. And the rest is history. Now they are planning their own wedding and I’m excited to see how Gabe gets others on the dance floor when I get to capture their wedding photography.


If you are looking for a dramatic looking place in AZ to capture your photos, the Lost Dutchman State Park is definitely something we should chat about and plan the perfect time to go!

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