Driving to this session, I was nervous. I had butterflies. I was really anxious. My palms were sweaty even in grasping my steering wheel on the drive over. I can only imagine how Michael must of felt. That’s who worked put this plan into action for his girlfriend, Amy. It was also a really windy day. I was worried about her hair flying in front of her face as I was supposed to be capturing a very special moment of Michael going down on one knee.


Michael reached out to me wanting to plan something special on the day of him and his girlfriend’s Anniversary. They had recently moved to Arizona and bought their first home together. So we put a plan in place for an excuse for photos to lead up to the surprise that was coming next.


Michael and Amy are both from California. Since just buying a home, their walls were empty. So he told her that he had came up with a photoshoot together so they can have photos on their wall in their new home and they were doing this for their anniversary.


After having a phone call with Michael, we nailed down the plan for when he was to go down on one knee. And we talked everything out from that first pose to his signal. On that call, we even planned getting the ring from the car to my backpack and then back to him before he popped the question to conceal that ring box. (See clips from our call below).


It was truly a special occasion, and I’m so glad that Michael had me be a part of it. We started off immediately with the big question so that the rest of our time together – we were capturing photos with that ring and getting some engagement photos – not to mention, a lot of real genuine smiles and moments of just being engaged.

Total and complete happiness was taking place in front of the lens! I loved it!

These are the moments I live for.