Odell Lake - Munds Park, AZ

McGurk Family

We had “snow” much fun in Munds Park, AZ around Odell Lake. I released some snow mini sessions at the end of the year for January and I’m so glad we did them. Kylee and I headed up north and stayed for the weekend just to capture families in the snow and this is just ONE of the families I photographed, but I could have posted a lot more. I may share some more at the bottom of the page just for fun.


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I’ve been photographing this family for a while and this is the first time I didn’t have to chase little Ethan around with the camera. All of our previous sessions with family photos, he has been a runner. And this time, he was 4. Young kids start following direction more at that age. So it was finally that time and so I was ecstatic about what we got with him this time and it’s one of my reasons for choosing this family to share.

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Here are a few more photos we captured in Munds Park, AZ of some family time near Odell Lake. I wanted to definitely share some more families for fun in this post. It truly was such a fun relaxed time with families. Smiles were easy to get from young ones, because they were so excited just to see the snow.

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