Papago Park - Phoenix, AZ

Fonseca Family

Papago Park in Phoenix, AZ was one of the first places my family and I visited when we moved there in 2015. It’s definitely a popular spot, especially the Hole in the Rock attraction. This place is always buzzing with tourists who want to climb up the enormous rock and enjoy the stunning views of downtown Phoenix. You can even spot it in the background of our family photos near the water.


This spot can get pretty crowded with tourists, so I’m quite selective about when I choose to photograph there. If it’s a place you love, let’s connect and plan the best time to go. Generally, I avoid weekends for photography here (except during the summer), as it gets swarmed with people. However, during our blended family session, we lucked out because it was scorching hot in the summer. Surprisingly, we had the place all to ourselves because nobody wants to step out when it’s a scorching 115 degrees Fahrenheit outside in Arizona. But you know what? It worked out perfectly for our photoshoot. I didn’t have to dodge anyone and had the freedom to photograph every nook and cranny, capturing breathtaking views.


Take a look at the different looks we achieved by the water and the awe-inspiring sunset view of Papago Park. This is why booking a FULL hour experience with me is so great. We can explore various spots and capture different perspectives, just like this.

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