Unger Family - Phoenix Goodyear Airport

Unger Family

I often get asked to photograph at the Phoenix-Goodyear Airport. And I love when I get a chance to have families in front of a plane with the beautiful sun going down behind them.


The German Armed Forces actually train their air force pilots at the Phoenix-Goodyear Airport. The first family I had request me was in 2020. Since then, Memories by Candace keeps getting passed down to families there and I get a request for more in front of the plane. I love airplane photos and jump at the opportunity! Most of the time, I’m photographing families that have had the opportunity to be here in Arizona for a year or more with training and then they are leaving America to go back to Germany and they want this memory of their time here. I’ve learned the different stories of a lot of them. Some of them have had children while they have been here so they have created American citizens and one time I even realized we live in such a small world because a family and I had a connection to a small town in Tennessee where I am from originally. It’s really great learning their stories of America and getting to photograph the pilots and their families.

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